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Factors for accepting cryptocurrencies

According to the survey, more than 12% or 1 in 10 first-time homebuyers bought real estate using cryptocurrency in 2021.

A luxury $22.5 million Miami penthouse was sold in the largest crypto real estate purchase to date.

Without having to worry about standard currency exchange rates, you could even use cryptocurrencies to purchase a house on the other side of the world. Using cryptocurrency, purchasing a home directly from your digital wallet is significantly simpler.

Wozinga Realtor – OTC

The Wozinga Realtor - Is intended for Real Estate Agents who allow or accept cryptocurrency transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wozinga Realtor was designed by a realtor for a realtor. It is only intended for realtors who allow or accept cryptocurrency transactions.

The high-level view of the system is that it creates a cryptocurrency address for the buyer to transfer funds into. It scans the incoming funds to ensure they are clean and conducts KYC for the realtor. Once complete, it deposits the funds into the trust account so the realtor can complete the purchase. Most banks transfer payments immediately although some are overnight as per normal banking rules.

Crypto transactions can be completed faster and with less paperwork. This is because blockchain allows for the digital transfer of assets and eliminates the need for paper contracts or other physical documentation. All transactions can be done electronically, saving time. Also, the Wozinga Realtor program is only intended for real estate customers who WISH to buy and pay for properties using cryptos they have. The Wozinga Realtor will be the middle person for the two parties (real estate agent and its customer) for this crypto-to-cash or cash-to-crypto transaction to succeed. So the thing is if you have crypto and you want to use it to purchase or pay for real estate properties Wozinga Realtor Program - OTC is the best option for you!

James Cowden is the founder and head of the Wozinga Realtor Program. He was part of LJ Hooker's rising star program. He now runs his own company creating solutions for realtors to sell more properties.

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